Junction Inn 1800s

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Junction Inn 1800s
Junction Inn 1800s
Junction Inn 1800s
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Ilkley Rd Church Street, United Kingdom (53°56′27″N, 1°52′23″W)
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Junction Inn 1800s
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The Junction Inn. c.1900. The inn was at the junction of Church St and Ilkley Rd. It was an inn until the 1920s(?) but was then converted into Cornerstones Road House & tea garden with a filling station. This was used by the military during the war to house an Air Training group and the men guarding Low Mill where aircraft carburetors were being made. It was sold after the war, having been wrecked by the military and demolished in about 1950. The site is now a Council yard with a house called Cornerstones behind.
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