Brear, William, 1905 aprox.

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Brear, William, 1905 aprox.
Brear, William, 1905 aprox.
Brear, William, 1905 aprox.
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Turner Developments, Low House, 3 Saw Mill Lane, Addingham, Ilkley (53°56′40″N, 1°52′42″W)
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Brear, William, 1905 aprox.
With the help of his father Timothy, William took the lease on the water mill formerly run as a cotton mill by Anthony Fentiman.
The Addingham Sawmill was established six years later in the name of William and produced a wide range of domestic, commercial and farmhouse furniture as well as agricultural products and sawn timber.
Among their children, William and his wife Adeline had six sons, all of whom worked at the mill at some time, and the business remained in the family until it closed in 2000.
William Brear was a founder member of the Parish Council in 1894 and members of the Brear family served on the council over a period of 100 years.
A Blue Plaque commemorating William was unveiled on Low House, his former home, opposite the sawmill, by Margaret Brear and Anne Knight who are descendants still living locally.
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