140 Main St 1980s Phyllis Roe

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140 Main St 1980s Phyllis Roe
140 Main St 1980s Phyllis Roe
140 Main St 1980s Phyllis Roe
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140 Main St 1980s Phyllis Roe
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Phyllis Roe in her haberdashery shop which she took over from her mother. She was famous for her ability to find anything in all the storage boxes and shelves in the shop. She was a great source for all the village news (gossip!).
When asked for a wrap-over apron for a 40’s weekend she offered to lend one rather than sell as long as it came back clean – possibly it was her own. She often lent things out, especially for fancy dress. She sold Directoire knickers as late as the 1970’s in a choice of silk or Celanese.
The shop was called "a gold mine. Knitting patterns – “take them home, bring it back if you don’t like it”. Similarly with balls of wool –“bring back what you don’t need”.
When closing the shop – theatre costume people were in buying many things left including corsets!"
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