About the archive

The Addingham Photo Archive is a collection of photos and scanned documents about the village of Addingham in West Yorkshire.

This material has been collected over many years with the earliest by local photographer and historian Hilda Holmes, followed by Kate Mason and others. Many of the more recent items are by Don Barrett. There are now over 7,000 of the more interesting items in this published archive but double that number in the whole collection. If you have a particular interest or are researching an Addingham place, person or subject you may request access to ALL the relevant files. Please contact the group at addinghamheritagegroup@gmail.com. to request access.

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If you would be willing to help the volunteers, or have any photos that you would be willing to be added to the archive, please email us at addinghamheritagegroup@gmail.com. All photos will be returned after scanning if requested.

Material in the archive can be downloaded without charge for personal, non-commercial, use as detailed in our Terms & Conditions. However, whilst the Addingham Civic Society (ACS) does not believe that the material on this site has been published in breach of copyright, this cannot be absolutely guaranteed. Anyone downloading or reproducing material from the site does so at their own risk and the ACS will not indemnify such a person in relation to any claim for breach of copyright. UK law does provide certain exemptions from copyright where material is copied for some research, educational or other purposes and anyone wishing to take advantage of such exemptions should consult the guides published on line by the Intellectual Property Office of the UK Government.

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